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This Month's Special Issue: How to Maximize Your AWS DevOps Value

September 16, 2017

This Month: How to Maximize Your AWS DevOps Value with the Software Organization Factory


Many business leaders are planning to make DevOps the cornerstone of their IT transformation strategy. But, as surprising as it might sound, skepticism abounds regarding how major vendors address the DevOps transformation challenges—they confuse DevOps with continuous delivery (CD) infrastructure.


 “We wanted DevOps and we got after a nine-month-long implementation a continuous delivery platform which speeds up IT operations without significant business value. How differently can you help?” the senior business executive of a major financial institution in New York sarcastically asked me during a conversation three months ago.


The business executive is right: DevOps isn’t a technology as I’ve been implementing it, it’s primarily an accelerated application delivery approach implemented in the form of a technology-enabled application delivery operational model. Adam Jacob, CTO of Chef, substantiates that fact in “The Secret of DevOps: It’s Always Been About People, not Technology,” when he says, “DevOps is about bringing together all the people you need to build and run your business effectively, and empowering them to move as quickly as possible towards their goals.”


Agile Admin’s Ernest Mueller in, “DevOps: It’s not Chef and Puppet,” confirms Adam’s point: “Chef and Puppet are individual tools that you can use to implement specific parts of an overall DevOps strategy if you want to use them—but that’s it. They are fine tools, but do not solve DevOps for you.”


 How can we implement DevOps in line with business leader expectations? Three Amazon Web Services (AWS) Design Patterns I developed can help to get the best of DevOps on AWS cloud: Software Organization Factory, Digital Organization Factory and CD Infrastructure Factory. This article discusses the Software Organization Factory.


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