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Why Consultants Should Capitalize on Toys R Us Digital Downfall

October 10, 2017

As a digital transformation consultant, your most important objectives is to transform your clients’ business in ways that guarantee revenue. Make no mistake about it, that’s the goal.


These two articles, published on CIO.com and The IT as a Service (ITaaS) Magazine will help you create the conditions for successful digital transformation:

  • How to avoid digital downfall: the Toys R Us case, part 1 on CIO.com - Read it here (http://bit.ly/2yN7iwW)

  • How to make top leading digital businesses: the Toys R Us case, part 2 on The ITaaS Magazine ($8.99) - Read it here (http://bit.ly/2zbHcEH)


The two-article series provides a digital transformation perspective about how Amazon is disrupting the toy sector of the retail industry, and most importantly what went wrong with Toys R Us and why the company didn’t survive its industry’s seismic tremors.


The articles offer concise, practical tips including:

  • Analyzing disrupting industry impacts on businesses

  • Identifying threats and opportunities from Amazon’s weaknesses and strengths

  • Reinventing digital business models and implementing them with managed enterprise cloud


I'm sure the lessons capitalized in these articles will add to your vision and approach, and help you effectively assist your clients in their transformation objectives.


These unique digital transformation consulting resources are part of my consulting practices, they show the kind of value I can bring. If you have (or hear about) a specific need, please feel free to reach out, I'll be happy to assist. 


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