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Want to Bring Your Business into The Digital Age? Learn from Toys R Us and Weight Watchers Experiences

December 17, 2017


Digital transformation isn't only a matter of replacing your company's IT infrastructure with the recent IT innovations e.g., cloud computing, DevOps automation toolchains, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), alike.


Weight Watchers and Toys R Us learned it the hard way. The very serious UK's The Guardian substantiates my point. Read that and judge by yourself (...).


Why Weight Watchers and Toys R Us Failed Their Digital Transformation



Weight Watchers, the leading US company that offers various services to assist weight loss, invested in a very ambitious cloud migration project. The goal was to cut IT cost and accelerate IT operations hoping it increases competitiveness. You know what? competitiveness never showed up. The company's leaders failed because they ignored the digital disruption that's been hitting their industry for a while. The proliferation of hundreds of fitness devices like Fitbit and Jawbone cannibalized all their weight loss programs. Transforming their business model into digital was the key, they missed the point.


Toys R Us, one of the world's largest toy retailer chain, recently filed for bankruptcy

protection following Amazon's irruption in the toy sector. The company's leadership hired a superstar CIO who betted on a global e-commerce platform to secure market shares and keep customers loyal. This outdated e-commerce strategy didn't work because it ignored the toy industry's disruption impacts on the company. Transforming their business model into digital was the key, they missed the point.


Why Consider This Online Resource: How Chief Digital Officers Set Up Top Digital Businesses


If you don't want your company to be the latest casualty of your industry's disruption and put your job at risk, consider this unique online course: "How Chief Digital Officers Set Up Top Digital Businesses: How to Establish DevOps as Your Digital Business Foundation."


First, let me be honest with you, if you expect a marketing speech full of buzzwords and stressing the latest technology jargon, specifically thought to keep you overexcited from beginning to end, this course is not for you.


This is a very serious fifteen-module course designed to give you in only two hours the concise vision, management approach, methodologies, and tools needed to make any digital transformation profitable. Profit is the goal, not technology implementation!


This course stresses three fundamental issues that make profitable any digital business, they include:

  1. Innovation Culture

  2. Value Stream and Digital Business Model

  3. Digital Infrastructure Platform


Learn How to Establish Your Company's Innovation Culture


Understanding the company’s internal and external environments to spot profit opportunities is where contributions are expected from the Chief Digital Officer (Ex CIO). Here is what you'll learn:

  • What industry and digital disruptions are, how to analyze them, how they undermine the foundations of solid corporations like Weight Watchers and Toys R Us

  • What innovation is from the business perspective and how to implement it is as your primary digital revenue driver


Learn How to Optimize Your Company's Value Stream into a Profitable Digital Business Model


The secret to making your digital business profitable is to adjust the most important, the most strategic piece of your company: its Value Stream. Here are the key things you will learn:

  • What the value stream is, how it correlates to digital business models

  • How to leverage Agile, Lean, and DevOps principles to make your organization flexible, collaborative, and responsive to market opportunities


Learn How to Develop a Vision for Your Company's Digital Integrated Infrastructure Platform


Without an integrated digital platform enabling all facets of your business model from market intelligence and digital service development, to customer experience improvement, expecting any revenue is wishful thinking. Here are the vital skills you will gain:

  • Define the high-level blueprint of your company's integrated digital platform and the expected ROI

  • Weigh in for your digital business the pros and cons of technologies like Continuous Integration & Deployment, Automated Testing, Agile Development

  • Take advantage of proven digital transformation frameworks to lead all aspects of your company's digital transformation


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The course is safely hosted by Udemy the leading global online learning platform which successfully approved it last month.


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To know more about Toys R Us story, read my recent articles buzzing on social media:


Happy Holidays To You All!



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