What Will the Post-Coronavirus World Look Like? Chat Between The Small Virus and The Master of The Universe!

April 4, 2020


In the general misunderstanding, fear and panic, humans are witnessing, helpless, the destruction of their world by a small virus. Several centuries of progress and innovation in science and technology seem to be questioned by Corona.


United like never before, the scientific community all over the world is working to find a vaccine or a therapy before it’s too late. Will it be enough? A couple of well-known (or unknown) brilliant minds—France’s Jacques Attali, Martinique's Richard Pulvar and USA’s Bill Gates—seem to doubt it. I got their points and I think they’re right.


Inspired by an imaginary conversation (unknown author) found on WhatsApp, and augmented with my own thoughts, I thought it was worth it to share their views.


Here's the merciless epic of a killer virus missioned to question a world that gone mad!


- Corona: Master of the Universe, why use the pangolin?


- Master of the Universe: Corona, this animal is on the verge of extinction. And yet, humans continue to poach and eat it... This will be the first step of the lesson I want them to learn.


- Corona: Okay Universe. Why do you want it to start in China?


- Master of the Universe: China is the symbol of globalization and small mass production. This country is overpopulated, it produces in mass and pollutes in mass...


- Corona: That's true Universe! But at the same time, it's because other countries have interest in it. Am I right?


- Master of the Universe: Yep! That's why your mission will be to spread yourself all over the world, and mainly in all concerned countries, Europe, the U.S., oil producing countries...


- Corona: What shape are you going to give me, Universe?


- Master of the Universe: You'll be a virus that will mainly affect people respiratory tract.


- Corona: Come on! You're serious?


- Master of the Universe:  Listen, humans are endangering the planet. Pollution is now a problem, humans do not measure at all the extent of it. What would be more symbolic than breathing, you understand?


- Corona: I do, that means I'll be dangerous, Universe!?!


- Master of the Universe: You won't be more dangerous than the many other existing small diseases, and you will be much less than the pollution itself which generates thousands of deaths! But the difference is you'll be visible...


- Corona: Okay Universe! Are you sure that'll work? I don't understand how it'll work...


- Master of the Universe: That's why I'm going to make you extremely contagious. Your propagation speed will be much higher than your dangerousness.


- Corona: But if I'm not that dangerous, do you think I'll scare them?


- Master of the Universe: Trust me! I have a secret to force them change mentalities: Fear! Humans change only when they're scared...


- Corona: You're sure?


- Master of the Universe: Yep! I'm going to create a whole context to amplify fear and awareness.


- Corona: What context, Universe?


- Master of the Universe: Fear will be so strong that people will be confined to their homes and entire cities locked down. The world will be at a standstill. Schools will be closed as well as public places. People, won't be able to go to work. Cruises, planes, transportation will be stopped.


- Corona: Wait a minute, Universe! You're going too far, what do you expect from this?


- Master of the Universe: The world must change, Corona!  Mother Earth must be respected! Humans must realize their own stupidity and inconsistent lifestyles. You and I will make them take the time of all this... racism, the right for every single human being for education, employment, healthcare, food, clean water, democracy and freedom. Locking them down, will help them reconnect with what matters: social justice based on equity, access, emancipation and rights.


- Corona: Okay! But that will be dangerous, the economy will collapse...


- Master of the Universe: Yep Corona, there will be terrible economic consequences. It's the only way to wake them up, it's the only way to make them understand that social injustice based on people and countries exploitation, racism, child slavery, sexism, violence, isn't acceptable. Humans must understand that I'm the boss and I expect something else from them. Period.


- Corona: How will I contaminate them?


- Master of the Universe: Human contact. If people kiss, hug, touch each other...


- Corona: Weird, I don't get it Universe! Are you trying to get them together through social distancing?!? Also, millions will die...


- Master of the Universe: Do you think death matters to them?  Look at all these people starving around the world, these homeless dying in general indifference, these people who are denied the right to have a job because of what they call ageism. Humans no longer care about humans but money, reputation, pleasures... your mission will be to stop it and help them understand this, "The human isn't a commodity!"


- Corona: When do I start?


- Master of the Universe: Right now!


What will the post-coronavirus world look like? Time will tell...

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